Grapevine TX Irrigation & More!

Our Grapevine Irrigation Repair team sees the potential in your landscapeYou wouldn't think twice about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom if it would increase the value of your home, why hesitate when it comes to a sprinkler system? Your landscaping can have a significant effect on the appraisal of your home. A well maintained, beautiful landscape gives a positive first impression to everyone who sees it. This increased curb appeal is just one of our many services. 

Irrigation Installation Services

We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with a custom designed irrigation system using the latest techniques and equipment to ensure you a highly efficient, eco-friendly watering solution including:

  • Drip irrigati on nozzle installed by our contractorsSmart sprinkler controllers
  • Environmental sensors
  • High-durability water lines
  • Reliable valve arrays and wiring
  • Trouble-free drainage
  • Zone additions
  • And more

Irrigation Repair Services

Once your system is up and running it isn't a guarantee that it will always stay that way. Irrigation systems are finely tuned instruments that need to be calibrated and repaired on occasion. Our Grapevine irrigation repair team does all of the following and more:

  • Technician perfoming sprinkler repair in Coppell by adjusting popup headSprinkler head replacement
  • Coverage issues
  • Drip line maintenance
  • Seasonal system maintenance
  • Controller programming, repair, and replacement
  • And more

Landscape Design & Installation

We take great pride in our ability to design the absolute best system for your unique location. Because no two landscapes are identical, we do a thorough inspection before we come up with plans for you. We offer all of the following design and maintenance options:

  • Landscape installation with Kichler outdoor stake lightsSod installation
  • Landscaping lighting installation and repair
  • Drainage system installation
  • Holiday light hanging
  • Landscape services
  • Water usage updates